Foxfire Collection

Over the weekend, I had some time to think about the contents of this blog post, and it occurred to me that the only really sustainable and prosperous society is one in which successive generations can count on a baseline of practical education. In other words, you have to have the basics locked down before … Continued

Nerdy Survival Gear

Hola, amigos! How’s everyone’s week going? Well, I hope. You know, talking about survivalism and prepping and the sudden and violent end of the world as we know it can get a little, well, doom-and-gloom. I mean, you can’t really get much heavier than the de facto end of human civilization when it comes to … Continued

End of the World Balance Sheet

Did you guys hear about that PrepperCon in Utah last week? Preppers and survivalists from all over have hopped on the Comic Con bandwagon! They had exhibits on everything from tactical seat covers to personal Humvees, and the cast of AMC’s hit show THE WALKING DEAD made an appearance! How cool is that? People are … Continued

How to Prepare for an EMP

Howdy, gang! It’s that time of the week once again, and with all of the huge summer blockbusters on the horizon, I thought I’d use this week’s blog post as an opportunity to knock together a basic survival guide for one of the most catastrophic events imaginable: The electromagnetic pulse. Also known as an EMP, … Continued

MREs The Awful Truth

Howdy hey, campers! This week’s blog post is all about survival-related misconceptions, or, to be more specific, stuff that the pop culture wizards in Hollywood would have you believe is accurate, but totally isn’t. In fact, if you follow their advice in a survival situation, it can kill you. Now, I’m not saying no one … Continued

Prepping Definitions

Hi everybody! It’s that time again, so grab some popcorn and settle in – this week’s SignalSurvival blog post is comin’ at ya, hot and fresh off the presses. Actually, before we get into the meat and potatoes of this week’s entry, here’s a little secret for you all: While researching and writing these things … Continued

Bug Out Bag Checklist

63 Items that need to be in your bug out bag Whether this is your first time assembling a bug out bag or you are seasoned expert on survival gear, having a bug out bag¬†checklist on hand will make keeping track of all your equipment easy. Below you will find a detailed list of items … Continued

Survivalism Trends

Two Events Sparked a Survivalism Revolution In this post you will read about how two recent events have sparked a great interest in survivalism, and how they fit in with current survivalism trends. These two events were the worst natural and financial disasters in recent history respectively. Despite the differences in the type of disaster … Continued

My Side Of The Mountain

My Side of the Mountain | The beginning of a passion Survivalism, prepping, simple common sense or a crackpot’s indulgence in fantasy – call it what you will, but the drive to survive is the bedrock of human endeavor. Indeed, without it, there would be no humans to speak of at all! It’s only by … Continued

Apocalypse Diet

The Apocalypse Diet | Can you feed yourself in a disaster? Hey there gang, how’s it going? It’s been a busy week, but it’s that time again – blog post time! While there are plenty of available topics given all the stuff flooding the news at the moment, you all, unless you’re new here (in … Continued