Hola, amigos! How’s everyone’s week going? Well, I hope. You know, [% link text="talking about survivalism and prepping" slug="home" %] and the sudden and violent end of the world as we know it can get a little, well, doom-and-gloom. I mean, you can’t really get much heavier than the de facto end of human civilization when it comes to conversational topics, so it isn’t really a surprise that many people involved in this lifestyle for any length of time have a tendency to become a bit taciturn. Saturnine, even. It doesn’t have to be like that, though! This lifestyle, movement, philosophy, or whatever you choose to call it isn’t about ruin. It’s about life, and living it to the fullest extent possible. If there’s one sure indicator of someone who’s still got a spark of vitality rattling around somewhere inside, it’s the ability to laugh in the face of the nasty existential bumps and bruises detailed on this blog. In that spirit, I thought it might be nice to give you guys a little review guide that covers several geeky / nerdy survival tools. They’re silly, and most of them probably won’t make out and out substitutes for any hardcore police or military gear you’ve got lying around, but they’ll definitely do in a pinch. In fact, the efficacy of some of the gadgets you’re about to encounter might just surprise you. Enough prattle, though. Let’s get down to business!

Survival in a Sardine Can

## Survival in a Sardine Can

First up on the list of geeky gear for the nerdy survivalist is a survival kit in a sardine can. It won’t get you through any major disasters, but it makes a great “just in case” accessory for your RV, boat, bicycle / motorbike, and so forth. Full of handy survival items like medicine, fish hooks and line, rudimentary fire starting tools, and a compass, this little guy would make a great addition to a small child’s first[% link text=" bug out bag" slug="bug-out-bag" %].

## Now You’re Cooking – PowerPot!


Have you ever been sitting around with some of your friends when someone mentions how cool it’d be to keep all your modern technological comforts juiced up and ready to go even if the existing power grid was nothing but ashes? Well, if you have, this next nerdy survival pick is for you. The aptly-named PowerPot is just what it sounds like: A combination cooking pot and thermoelectric generator. In plain English, the PowerPot is the thing you use to boil your water while charging your iPod or other USB-compatible device. Just put it over an open flame or other source of heat energy, fill the pot with water, and you’re good to go. It might sound silly at first, but don’t scoff! Music, they say, is food for the soul, and no survivalism-minded person needs to be educated on the value of a reliable supply of potable water. This tool can give you both, and food besides. In a world where with woodland predators and the half-mad remnants of your community surround your campsite like a cloud of deadly toxins, it’s nice to know that there’s a tool like this one available to you.

Gladius Machete

## Survivalism Swordplay

Any good survivalism kit, whether humble or extravagant, should boast a few blades. Combat knives are all well and good, but every once in a while, you need something bigger and badder to get the job done. For those times, you can’t do much better than an honest-to-God gladius. Built to be used rather than simply admired, the rubberized grip will keep your hold firm and steady in even the most adverse conditions. The carbon steel blade, meanwhile, will serve its wielder well as a machete, a self-defense weapon, a wood-cutting tool, a hunting aid, and more.

Ninja Wallet

## MacGyver, Eat Your Heart Out!

Tool use is what allowed the human species to drop from the trees and take its first tentative steps onto a path that would eventually lead it to dominance over every other living thing on the planet. Of course, some survivalists and preppers are betting it’ll be our downfall, too, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take advantage of the good bits! For example, the Ninja Multi-Tool could be a real lifesaver in a survival situation. Formed of one piece of high-grade steel, the Ninja crams eighteen tools – a ruler, multiple screwdrivers, wrenches, container openers, and more – into a sliver of metal the size of a credit / debit card. Better yet, while civilization still stands, you can carry it onto planes without fear (for their own inscrutable reasons, the TSA is OK with it).

Nitecore SRT7 Flashlight

## The Next Best Thing to a Bat Signal

If there’s one thing a survivalist, prepper, or other similarly minded person with a nerdy bent needs to have, it’s a reliable source of powerful, portable light. Night can fall quickly in many areas of the world, and if the power & utilities grids should ever fall, many people will be caught entirely flat-footed, left without even the most rudimentary sources of light. The P12 Survival Flashlight is the answer to just such a predicament. Built to military specifications out of aircraft-grade aluminum and other durable surfaces, this combination signaling torch / high-intensity tactical light is waterproof, light, and near indestructible. All the peripheral gear for use and carriage is included – there’s even a power level indicator built into the body of the unit so you can take steps before you run out of juice. All that’s missing are the batteries (you’ll need a pair of the little lithium-ion rechargeable kind).

## Conclusion

Knowledge is power, and that’s a fact. It can be a burden, too, and the hardest thing about having to bear it is keeping the new level of responsibility and yes, even fear, that you feel for the future of yourself and your loved ones at bay. That’s when it helps to take a step back, look at the good things in your life, and take time to laugh, even if it’s just for a minute or two. Keep your chins up, guys. Like the man said, it ain’t over until The Fat Lady sings. I hear she’s got laryngitis, so it looks I’ll see you all next week. Take care!