Well, there’s no denying it – we’re officially in the midst of the holiday season. Any lingering vestiges of the Thanksgiving food coma have been thrown off, the Black Friday hordes have come and gone, and now all that remains is last leg: the fruitcake-scented march toward Christmas. Of course, Christmas means just one thing in most places: Presents! Puzzling out what to buy and for whom is heavy work, but there’s a fun side, namely stocking stuffers. These little gifts help to turn the often stressful task of gift-giving into something a little more fun. Prepping and survivalism are “in” this season – record snowfall in several places might have something to do with this – which makes this Christmas the perfect time to take a look at survivalist stocking stuffers.

What exactly goes in a prepper’s stocking, you might ask? Well, lots of stuff! In fact, a lot of the suggested items below will do just as well for a camper or hiker as they will for Billy Backwoods, Master of the Elements, so don’t limit yourself; Be creative!

[% amz-image asin="B00GIXY9W8" image="molle-tactical-stocking.jpg" text="MOLLE Tactical Stocking" %]

### MOLLE Tactical Stocking

OK, while technically **not** a stocking stuffer, the MOLLE Tactical Stocking is bound to put a smile on his face. Plus, what better place to put all of these goodies than in a Tactical Stocking?

[Pronounced “Molly”](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOLLE), this stocking comes with authentic, albeit very tiny, load-bearing harnesses (that’s what MOLLE straps are) and is made of rugged, tactical material in SWAT / military black. More a cherry on top than an actual stocking stuffer, the idea here is to tie the whole gift ensemble together for your police officer, military man or woman, prepper, or similar loved one / friend while throwing in a bit of humor for spice.

You (or the recipient) can put patches on the stocking if desired, and there are plenty of Velcro & zipper pouches to hold stuff. The main compartment is opened and closed via drawstrings.

Better order quick as it looks like these are almost gone.

[% amz-image asin="B008069ZB6" image="leatherman-z-rex-tool.jpg" text="Leatherman Z Rex Tool" side="right" %]

### Leatherman Z-Rex

The Leatherman Z-Rex is a great little multi-tool for anyone who wants to be just a little more prepared than the average Joe or Jane. This rugged multi-tool includes a glass-breaker, a wrench for oxygen tanks, and replaceable cutting shears. The handle ends in a nice ring slot for attachment to a carabiner, which is a boon for hikers and serious adventurer types.

[% amz-image asin="B00AU6NIFI" image="kershaw-leek.jpg" text="Kershaw Leek" %]

### Kershaw Leek

The Kershaw Leek is a great stocking stuffer, and not just for preppers! Hunting and fishing enthusiasts, construction workers, and even the simply traditional guy in your life (after all, it wasn’t long ago that every man carried a pen knife like this) – they’ll all find enjoyment in this nifty little blade. All white / silver coloring, a quick-open mechanism, and a one-handed, ambidextrous grip make this a great looking, practical tool for just about anyone with a stocking to their name.

[% amz-image asin="B00FA2RLX2" image="sawyer-mini-water-filter.jpg" text="Sawyer Mini Water Filter" side="right" %]

### Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Any casual camper or hiker, let alone any hardcore survivalist, will tell you that a ready source of potable water makes life livable in the wild. Happily, this Sawyer Mini Water Filter from the folks at Sawyer will fit nicely inside a stocking. Travelers will find this filter especially useful, what with its high filtration capacity (approx. 30,000 gallons), its ability to mate with most water bottles and other containers, and its tiny, TSA-safe profile. In short, if you know someone with a stocking and a powerful thirst for tasty H20, this will make them happy.

[% amz-image asin="B00KJKGL5Y" image="paracord-large.jpg" text="Titan Genuine Military 550 Paracord" %]

### Paracord / 550 Line

Ever want to tie something up in a jiffy with a bit of cord that won’t snag or break? Sure you have! Whether they’re a die-hard survivalism nut or just someone who likes to hike and camp on the weekends, it’s a good bet your friends and family members have, too. Don’t tie yourself in knots trying to get the perfect gift – just stuff a stocking full of this Paracord and have some egg nog to celebrate your genius!

[% amz-image asin="B001E7S5BO" image="titanium-spork-combined-small.jpg" text="Titanium Spork" side="right" %]

### Light My Fire Titanium Spork

Ah, sporks. Nothing says “universal utility” like this noble piece of cafeteria software, but hold on, ’cause this ain’t your daddy’s lunchroom. The cleverly named Light My Fire Titanium Spork is a great stocking stuffer for anyone who likes to eat – boaters, fishermen, campers, hikers, survivalists, and just about anyone else you can think of. It’s light enough to fit in your pocket, made of titanium so it won’t break or rust, and non-toxic so it won’t trigger your allergies or poison you (which is always a nice quality in one’s silverware!). What’s more, it’s entirely complete – one end holds a full spoon, the other has a full fork, and one edge has a very capable knife.

[% amz-image asin="B002KENWZY" image="mtm-survivor-box.jpg" text="MTM Survivor Box" %]

### MTM Survivor Box

The MTM Survivor Box is a great little stocking stuffer for anyone who has stuff they’d like to keep dry in an adverse environment. Survivalists & preppers will obviously find a great deal of use for it – flares and other vital dry only stuff will be safe and sound thanks to this box’s o-ring seal. Hikers, campers, and other outdoor types will like it too, though, for simpler stuff like food storage and its built-in compass. In fact, this box even has nerd cred – geocachers can cram this baby full of cool stuff for others to find, secure in the knowledge that whatever goes in will come out as pristine as it was when it went in.

[% amz-image asin="B00LPQUWPG" image="first-aid-kit.jpg" text="First Aid Kit" side="right" %]

### First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who routinely comes home with nicks, cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Hunters, fishermen, construction workers or folks in the trades, long-haul truckers, and yes, survivalists & preppers – no matter who you’re buying for, it’s hard to go wrong with the gift of comfort and care when they really need it.

[% amz-image asin="B005DI0XM4" image="leatherman-wingman-multitool.jpg" text="Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool" %]

### Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

The Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool speaks for itself. Campers, hikers, DIYers, boaters, tradesmen, preppers, and pretty much anyone else who might ever have a need to work with tools will go ga-ga for this little beauty. It packs enough screwdrivers, pliers, files, openers, scissors, and blades into its svelte little frame to fill a hardware store. And hey, if you’re just in this for the holiday craft beer, the Wingman has you covered with an integrated bottle opener.

[% amz-image asin="B000FEXZGW" image="suunto-a-10-compass.jpg" text="Suunto A-10 Field Compass" side="right" %]

### Suunto A-10 Field Compass

If there’s one stocking stuffer that screams “survivalist approved!”, it’s the Suunto A-10 Field Compass. This little guy is proof that sometimes, simple is best. A dual-zone system means your recipient will get good reads anywhere, durable plastic construction means it’s hard to break, and the dial is large and easy to read. Scouts of all ranks, survivalists of all stripes and intensity levels, geocacheing enthusiasts, and anyone with a sense of direction that could use some fine-tuning will love the Suunto A-10.

[% amz-image asin="B00H26CGTI" image="northbound-train-ultra-bright.jpg" text="Northbound Train Headlamp" %]

### Northbound Train Headlamp

At first blush, a headlamp might seem like a dumb idea, but it actually makes a great stocking stuffer. Why? Well, think about it – everyone needs a bit of light in their life now and then. Survivalist types need it for the impending breakdown of society, but until then, DIY enthusiasts can use it for their projects, bicyclists can use it for safer nighttime rides, and hey, it might just be the case that Santa needs one too (Rudolph’s stuffy noses are a real pain, you know?). This Northbound Train Headlamp is small, powerful and runs on batteries that are commonly available.

[% amz-image asin="B002E6RERU" image="sabre-pepper-spray.jpg" text="Sabre Pepper Spray" side="right" %]

### Sabre Red Pepper Spray

Finally, for those of us with lingering memories of Black Friday chaos or a kid headed off to college, there’s Sabre Red Pepper Spray. Dropping this in your loved ones’ stockings will ensure their safety for years to come. Sabre warrants this product for use at up to ten feet and/or four years of life, and has it packed with user-friendly features like an anti-blowback design and quick release keyring. What’s more, this makes a great outdoorsman / survivalist / prepper gift. After all, what do you get for the apocalypse-ready person on your list when they already have everything? Something to fend off bear attacks, of course!

## Conclusion

Et voilà – mission accomplished! Whether you need something for hard-core survival nuts or someone a little more laid back, you should have no trouble at all stuffing their stockings at this point. Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!