If you are a hiker, military personnel, an outdoors enthusiast, a backpacker, or perhaps a zombie hunter, you are most likely familiar with the [Sandpiper of California (S.O.C.)](http://www.sandpiperca.com/) and its products. Their most popular line is their gear packs, which offers a wide selection of bug out bags from compact to long range and rolling load to zombie editions. Other product include their versatile business traveler line, recreational bags, the useful quickpack travel accessories collection, and the tactical series providing pouches and attachments through [Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS)](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pouch_Attachment_Ladder_System) and [Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE)](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOLLE) compatible systems. In general, you can expect rugged, durable, and dependable construction, and just in case, all SOC Bags come with a lifetime warranty from manufacturing defects. We will first take a look at the Long Range Bugout Bag.

### Long Range Bugout Backpack

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One of Sandpiper of California’s best sellers is the [% amz-text text="Long Range Bugout Backpack" asin="B003MYBSZC" %]. Its size, functionality, organization and capacity sets it apart from any other bug out bag you can find on the market for long term emergency situations. This backpack can easily support you for several days if you need to evacuate or travel through the backcountry. Moreover, when compared with its extra-large size of twenty six inches in height, fifteen and a half inches in length, and ten and a half inches in width, the six pounds eight ounces overall weight is a great advantage. Due to the extendable features, it can carry supplies and gear in an internal space ranging from 4200 to 5600 cubic inches. A longer review can be found at the end of the article. 

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### Gear Packs

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The Long Range bag is merely one of the many designs the company offers. They also offer a three day, medium size bug out bag that fits approximately half of the gear of the long range, but it is lighter in weight and offers extra amenities such as the fleece lined optical pocket. In between the two sizes, S.O.C. offers a well-designed large bag that can handle multiple days of clothing and serve as your go-to airline carry-on. Check here for a full review of the [% link text="SOC Bugout Bags" slug="soc-bug-out-bags" %].

Make sure to check out the [% amz-text text="SOC Three Day Elite" asin="B004I82SA0" %] as it would make an excellent [% link text="Get Home Bag" slug="get-home-bag" %].

### Bugout Zombie

The bugout zombie line contains eight limited edition bags, each bearing the identifying logo. While three of the bags are created based on the classic bugout bag, the rest are standalone designs. For instance, the Streamline Pack Zombie edition includes extra features such as secret interior pockets and a much lighter construction. With a mere two pounds and four ounces, but with plenty of room for gear and supplies, it is a great option for extended hikes or zombie attacks. The hot pink color choice is a nice change from the general browns, camos and blacks.

### Piper Gear Recreational

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If you are looking for a truly lightweight backpack built with the S.O.C. quality, the Piper Gear line will give you plenty of options. From day-long outings to biking to work, they will sure to have a well-constructed bag for you. The H.L.S. series are particularly geared towards back country enthusiasts and bikers, who need to have a feather light, solid bag that can hold all their gear while allowing them a wide range of movements.

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### Business and Travel

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This line will surprise you will remarkably useful and functional travel options. Armband packs, laptop cases, hygiene packs and ID cases are just a few of the highlights in this collection geared towards the practical minded business traveler. Some of the items offered through this line also complement the larger bug out bags and give you the options for superb organization.

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### Quickpack Travel Accessories

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All items in the travel accessory line will work well with your other S.O.C. products. They are designed specifically to help you relieve the complications of travelling through their space saver functions. Mesh bags, expandable storage totes, and zippered flash pouches will help you find everything in your bag right away while also securely holding your smaller items together.

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### S.O.C. Tactical Series

If you have a bug out bag with MOLLE webbings and you wonder what sort of gear you should attach to it, check out the tactical series line. There is a wide array of MOLLE/PALS compatible holsters, belts, sheath, electronic pouches, and small bags that will make your packing a lot easier. You can let your creativity guide you in designing the perfect custom bug out setup and knowing that all pieces will work great with your other S.O.C. gear.

### Long Range Bugout Backpack Review

The Long Range Bugout Backpack has a main compartment that will accommodate the bulk of your gear. Make sure to pack the heaviest items closest to your back so that you do not need to exert yourself in carrying the backpack for extended periods of time. At the back of the main compartment there is a full size pouch that runs all the way to the bottom of the bag. This is where you can place your hydration pack, but you can also easily fit a laptop here. If you decide to add a Camelback pouch, you can thread your drinking tube through a Velcro protected opening and clip it to your shoulder strap for easy use. This compartment includes multiple tie-down straps that will hold your gear in place and close to your body. If you need more room, you can simply unzip the opening running down along the sides of the bag to extend the compartment another four inches.

The second compartment contains two large zippered mesh pockets that can handle your electronic readers or tablets. This is a secondary area of the bag to accommodate overflow from the main section, as well as to provide you with comfortable options for organizing your possessions. On the outside of the compartment there is an external zippered pocket that runs down all the way to the bottom, which means it is deep enough to store full size documents and folders. If you wish, you can also use this pocket to store your in-transit gear, as you can gain excess to this section without having to open up the main compartments.

You will find the organizer packet of this bug out bag a truly unique feature. On the inside, it has plenty of room for pens, office supplies, maps and business cards. It also contains soft, secure, and flexible, pockets you can use for storing your electronic gadgets such as music players and smartphones. There is even a rubberized opening on the top of the pocket for threading your headphone cords through, so that you can keep listening to music while wearing the bag. You will find several see-through mesh pockets for effortless organization and quick access. The outside of this pouch is basically the bag’s front wall. On it, you will find five rows of MOLLE webbings for your convenience, so you can attach all your MOLLE compatible pouches, gear and accessories. Additionally, on the front top of the bag there is a thick Velcro strip you can use for name tags or for securing additional gear.

You will find the four side pockets particularly useful for storing well-used items you need to find in a hurry as well as for separating out your gear according to your organizational system. Especially if you are using this bag for air travel, you can conveniently stash all your TSA approved bottles and hygiene products in one of the side pockets for hassle-free screening. The ability to stow your shoulder and waist straps away in a zippered pocket makes this an airport friendly backpack. No more annoying taping to secure the shoulder straps to your bag, and you need not to worry about possible damages to your fastenings either. Furthermore, a mesh lining on the back gives you a comfortable, breathable surface during extended periods of wear while the padded lumbar support will help keeping your spine in the correct alignment. In addition to the padded shoulder straps, the sternum strap will prevent shifting along the way and give you extra comfort in keeping your load steady.

Finally, this long range bug out bag is capable of standing upright on its own, due to the two lightweight aluminum reinforcements that run along on each sides of the backpack. These rigid rails will give you plenty of support on long-range assignments as well as prevent sagging and stop the main compartment from folding in on itself. You can chose from four different colors; two solids, black and brown, and two different versions of camouflage. Overall, this is a well thought out very large bag that will fit all your gear and long range supplies. Make sure you remember to adjust all the straps so that the bulk of the weight is sitting on your hips and not on your shoulders. Due to the full adjustability on all its straps, this long range bag has the capability to accommodate an ample variety of body shapes and forms, so make sure you properly pack and fine-tune all available options. You will find the length of the straps generous so you can easily fit the bulkiest clothing and gear under the bag quite comfortably.

### About Sandpiper of California

Sandpiper of California has been in business since 1980, and it became one of the leaders in providing high quality bags for a variety users and purposes. They specialize in mission specific designs and solutions, so it is not surprising they have been working with US military and law enforcement personnel. Although their roots are in creating exceptional quality bug out bags, they are also expending into new markets to accommodate their customers’ needs. For instance, in addition to a truly functional long-range emergency backpack, you can now purchase bags that keep your uniforms and garments in excellent shape while quickly getting you through airports and checkpoints. Using the same attention to detail and functional design they provide for their bug out bags, their travel series give you the option to select practical solutions for ID and paper wallets, hassle-free access to laptops and electronics, and stuff mesh bags with built in compression for collecting dirty laundry during your trip. All **soc bags** are versatile with colors ranging from basic blacks to greens, browns, and various styles of camouflage.