Hey! Thanks for visiting. I am super excited about how the site is going and the things I have planned for the future. But first lets talk about this section, the blog. I want the blog to be a way that you and I can chat about the site, about the articles, the direction, and new changes. Occasionally, the blog will be used to spark discussion on politics, culture, news, etc… This is the place for things that may not directly relate to survival. My hope is that you find these posts intriguing and that they begin conversations, even if the only response is “You are wrong!”.

For this first blog post, let’s focus on the site. Specifically how it began, where it is now, and what I plan on going forward.

### How It Began

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OK, for those that were not aware, I was born in a one-room log cabin on a glorious summer day. A few rough and tumble years passed and I found myself contemplating life in front of a downed pine tree. I was trying to figure out what my purpose was and why I was there? Then it hit me, I need to run a website! I promptly fashioned a first-rate computer from the trunk, connected to the Internet, and presto …

**Signal Survival was born!**

OK, OK, so none of that’s true, but super heroes have an origin story, why shouldn’t I? In reality, the truth of how this site and its author came to be is rather more mundane. My dad, the boy scouts, and the military, taught me a lot about self-reliance, strength of character, and what it means to live a worthwhile life. Thanks in large part to my father’s teachings – for which I silently thank him at least once a day – I am constantly trying to learn and to improve myself as a person. Part of what he taught me is that true learning requires two things: teaching, or at the very least candid discussions about what you “know” with knowledgeable people. – Different people will often solve the same problem in different ways, and you can learn a lot from them if you take the time to understand the thought process and the reasons behind the decisions they make. – The other half is doing: putting to practice the things that you “know”, and learning from your own mistakes.

### Where We Are Now

This site has been both a blessing and a curse! I love it because on nearly every topic I find myself having to study and research. I truly thought I had some good knowledge, but it is only when I try and put it to paper that I notice the gaps and holes in what I know. I want to provide you with the best, and most accurate information and will not settle for anything less. This site has been a blessing because it has really required a deeper understanding of everything that I write on.

A curse! I want you to like this site. Hahah, it is silly to write that, but it is true. I stress over the quality of the information, the way it is presented – basically every aspect of this site because I want you to know that this site has quality information, is well thought out, and is thorough. With that in mind, we made some big changes to the look of the site. I am pretty pleased with the looks, and feel that it does a better job of capturing the essence of the site. Please let me know what you think!

#### Recent Articles

This month we have been able to publish some great articles, and if you haven’t checked them out yet, here is a summary:

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Home Again, Home Again: Do you know how you’d get home if your car broke down in the middle of nowhere, or if you woke up, Hangover-style, in the middle of a field after one too many rounds of bachelor party antics? The GHB, or Get Home Bag, can help you formulate a resounding “Yes!” to that question. You can read more about what a GHB is and how to make one for yourself right here: [% link text="https://www.signalsurvival.com/survival-gear/get-home-bag/" slug="get-home-bag" %]

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Weapons Free: Most of us will never face a true life or death test, but when and if that day comes (and as survival enthusiasts, our odds are higher than most!), a reliable survival weapon can make the difference between finding oneself in a great story and an obituary. As it happens, there’s a great piece on survival weapon use and selection available for your perusal on this very website – click here to get it [% link text="https://www.signalsurvival.com/survival-gear/survival-weapons/" slug="survival-weapons" %]

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Buggin’ Out!: Bug-Out Bags are a prepper / survivalist staple. Like their smaller counterparts (GHBs), Bug-Out Bags are designed to get you through the rough patches in life when it matters the most. To learn more about what they are, what makes them different from a Get Home Bag (along with why you need both!), and more, just click here! [% link text="https://www.signalsurvival.com/survival-gear/bug-out-bag/" slug="bug-out-bag" %]

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#### What Is On The Way

I think you will like some of the stuff scheduled for the site over the next few weeks. Here is some of the articles that are planned. If you have suggestions for other articles, make sure you let me know.

- A drool-inducing review of Mountain House survival rations (unless they’re peddling junk, in which case you’ll know it ASAP!)
- A review of the first entry in the Morgan Carter series, a fictional but very relevant look at one man’s struggle to reach his family and safety in a post-collapse United States
- A pro-con breakdown &amp; review of the JetBoil Advanced Cooking System

There’s no other way to say this, so I’ll be blunt: Signal Survival is about to blow up in the best way possible. I’ve been blessed to be a part of it up to now, and I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation of what it will be by this time next year. I hope to see each and every one of you there, same survival time, same survival channel!