Sandpiper Of California has established itself as one of the leading travel bag manufacturers currently operating on the modern international market place. The reason for this is very easy to see. When it comes to designing, manufacturing, and marketing excellent travel and [% link text="bug out bags" slug="bug-out-bag" %] for the needs of people all over the world, no one has a better handle on the market than Sandpiper Of California!

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SOC bug out bags are sought after all all over the world, and purchased in the millions each year. These bags are light, handy, durable, and designed to last for a very long time. If you’ve grown tired of travel bags tearing or breaking at the absolute worst time, then you’re going to love Sandpiper Of California’s revolutionary new line of bugout bags.

### Fully Packed With Tons Of Features

Sandpiper Of California’s new line of bug out bags come fully packed with a wealth of amazing features. These excellent new design elements are guaranteed to make these new bugout bags the very best in the business. Check out these incredible new features for yourself, and you’ll be bound to agree.

- All of Sandpiper’s new bugout bags come fully equipped with custom aluminum back stays for maximum support and protection.
- These new bags are fully hydration compatible, and will stand up to even the most furious thunderstorm conditions.
- All new Sandpiper bugout bags feature an expandable main compartment for maximum storage capacity and convenience.
- The new soc bugout bags feature a fully padded waist belt for carrying comfort.
- The new models all come fully equipped with compression straps.
- Each and every new Sandpiper bugout bag also features a uniquely designed, tuck-away styled, shoulder harness.
- All Sandpiper bugout bags are equipped with the excellent new full MOLLE/PALS panel.
- These bugout bags are designed with an rugged, abrasion-resistant exterior, which will stand up to even the most brutal wear and tear.
- Each Sandpiper bugout bag features an organizer panel, enabling its owner to keep track of all items being stored and transported on every journey.
- Finally, each Sandpiper bugout features a custom designed sternum strap.

### A Reputation For Quality

These excellent new bugout bags are the flagship product line of Sandpiper Of California. Since this is the line of products that the company stakes its reputation upon, it’s well worth pausing to take a look at just how much is riding on the company being able to maintain its long reputation for convenience, cost effectiveness, efficiency, and class.

The company has managed to sell over one million units of this uniquely designed product, so it’s safe to say that they have a handle on the market place. While bugout bags were, of course, first designed exclusively for use by overseas military personnel, the public back home has since been able to benefit from all of the unique features that these bags contain. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

### The Ultimate In Travel Bag Convenience

When it comes to rugged, durable construction, as well as overall quality of workmanship, Sandpiper of California has truly managed to produce a line of travel bags which none of its so called competitors can hope to match, much less exceed. Of course, durability is not the only concern Sandpiper Of California has in mind for its line of products.

There is also the matter of convenience, comfort, and cost effectiveness to consider. When it comes to cost effectiveness, these excellent new bugout bags have proven to be some of the best priced items of their kind. In fact, Sandpiper Of California has managed to nearly corner the travel bag market, based nearly on affordability alone.

Of course, comfort and organization are matters of concern as well. All **SOC bug out bags** contain generously designed storage compartments. There is always plenty of room to store your personal carry on cargo, and plenty of opportunity to organize all of your goods so that you do not lose or misplace any of them.

### The Ultimate Carry On Companion

Perhaps the main component of Sandpiper Of California’s amazing popularity and market dominance is the versatility of their products. Indeed, their line of bugout bags has been synonymous with versatility and convenience. The sheer portability of these travel bags has meant sales of over one million, with no signs of slowing.

If you are searching for the ultimate in travel bag convenience, you really can’t do better than these bugout bags. They are excellent carry on items for any business trip, visit to relatives, or vacation journey. Whether you are traveling via car, bus, plane, or train, Sandpiper Of California bags are designed to accompany you on your journey with everything you need, safely secured and tucked away.