The two most important things to look for in a [% link text="bug out bag" slug="bug-out-bag" %] are the right fit for your body and an honest assessment of your needs. It does not matter how many handy pockets and straps a bag has or how excellent it is with accommodating all your gear; if you are unable to carry it for an extended period of time, it is not the right bag for you. Likewise, always keep your needs in mind. If you are looking for a bag that stands up to 50 below temperatures on a regular basis, do not be tempted by a super lightweight material. It might be an excellent feature for those using a bag in a warm climate, but likely shred to pieces the first time you take it along for your frozen adventure. So in preparation of buying the right bug out bag, the first thing you need to do is evaluate your personal needs and make a list of realistic expectations. If you are new to bug out bags, and are looking for a good starting kit, take a look at these [% link text="Bug Out Kits" slug="bug-out-kits" %]. The following pointers will guide you through the process of sorting through all bug out bags for sale on the market in order to help you find the bag you need.

### Voodoo Tactical Level III

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The smallest of the three is the [% amz-text asin="B002B5ZJCG" text="Voodoo Tactical Level III Assault Pack 72 Hour Bug Out Bag" %] measuring 18 inches in height and ten inches in width and length each. With its ability to accommodate a hydration system, a molded custom back panel, and extra wide detachable shoulder harness this is a great option for a smaller getaway bag. It can easily handle all your needs on day hikes, and with careful packing it can even support you on three day long outings. If you are a fan of extra pouches and gadgets you will be happy to use the strategically placed MOLLE strappings and “D” rings. The adjustable waist belt will help greatly with load distribution and the side straps let you control the width of the bag to fit your momentary needs. It holds quite a bit of gear and supplies which you can distribute evenly and securely among the many organizers both within and outside of the bag. Rugged nylon material and heavy duty zippers round out the design. This bag is made by [Voodoo Tactical](

### 5.11 Rush 72

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The [% amz-text text="5.11 Rush 72 Back Pack" asin="B004D1SM9S" %] is larger than the previous one with 2,894 cubic inches in capacity but a slimmer profile. It is 23 inches in height but only eight and a half inches in width. It has plenty of storage and a webbed MOLLE compatible platform for additional gear. They even added a fleece lined pocket for sunglasses, but you can easily put your phones, GPS, camera, music players and other gadgets that need some scratch protection in there for safekeeping. Another neat feature is the separate compartment for your maps, pens, documents, etc. This bug out bag is water resistant and has dual zippers on the front and main pockets. It is both expandable and compressible, so you can reduce it to a size of a carry-on and open it back up once you land. If you need to, you can install a hydration system in the dedicated internal pocket. Not too large for most outings, but not so small either that you find yourself strapping half of your gear to the outside. Useful comfort features and great versatility make this an overall solid bag. This bag is made by [5.11 Tactical](

### Sandpiper of California Bugout Bag

[% amz-image asin="B003MYBSZC" text="Sandpiper of California Long Range Bugout Backpack" image="sandpiper-of-california-long-range-bugout-bag.jpg" %]

The last of the three bags is also the largest. Some might even say it is enormous with 26 inches in height and 15.5 inches in width. If you need a comfortable hold-all bug out bag, the [% amz-text text="Sandpiper of California Long Range Bugout Backpack" asin="B003MYBSZC" %] will do the trick. It fits nicely over cold weather clothing or bulky gear and there is a great organization system with internal straps and mesh pockets to keep everything tucked away and safe. You can expand the main compartment to accommodate a hydration system and it stands upright thanks to its internal aluminum frame. In addition to the large capacity, you also get lots of strappings for MOLLE and PALS pouches and a rugged exterior Padded lumbar area, non-slip shoulder straps, adjustable waist belt, and compression straps make this a good choice for a variety of outings from air travel to multi-day hiking trips. This bag is made by [Sandpiper of California](

## Finding the Right Bag for You

To begin, think about the kinds of activities you will need to take your bag out for. Don’t look for the cheapest, just because a **bug out bag is for sale** doesn’t make it the best choice. As yourself questions such as: is this a bag purely for holding emergency supplies and preparing you for the possibility of evacuation? If so, what is the climate you will need to survive in with the aid of your bag? For instance, if you are preparing to use the bag to hold your hurricane supplies, you will want to look for options that are completely water proof. If the most likely emergency you are preparing for is an earthquake that may result in a subsequent tsunami however, it is more important for you to look for a bag you can easily hike with to higher ground. Likewise, if the bag you are about to purchase is going to be your main gear hold-all, you will want to look for large size, sturdiness and heavy duty fastenings. On the other hand, if this is your quick-getaway bag, you might wish to forgo the sturdy construction in favor of a low profile and features that allow for extensive flexibility.

Next, you will assess your own body type and the kind of gear you will be wearing under the bag. Look for overall size and fit for your body shape. Nowadays all rucksacks come with adjustable fastenings and padded shoulder straps, but not all of them accommodate all body seizes equally. Consider the following: a large bag that fits a 6’5” person perfectly so the shoulder straps are in full contact with the body from the shoulder blades to the collar bone while the waist strap is sitting one inch above the iliac crest, which is the top of your hip bone, will not necessarily fit a 5’4” person the same way even when taking full advantage of all adjustable pieces. Ideally, you will put the heaviest part of your load to the back of your bag that is closest to your body, so that your body can support the weight with the least amount of strain. When considering the right bag for your body type, look at overall size and compare it against your torso. Then look at the full range of all straps to ascertain if the bag will fit over your gear and clothes. For example, if you intend to use your bug out bag over body armor or layers of winter clothing primarily, do not measure it against your body when wearing only a T-shirt. Your goal is to find the best balance between utility and comfort in circumstances as close to actual conditions of use as possible.

Once you found the right fit, you can move on to filling the bag with the [% link text="essential bug out bag items" slug="essential-bug-out-bag-items" %], then evaluating the various amenities bug out bags have to offer. Unless you intend to use this bag solely as a hold-all that mostly sits in your closet, car, or hunting shed, always opt for comfort features such as padded back panels with built-in ventilation that wicks moisture away. Also, look for heavy duty hardware that will keep your items secure and consider all bags’ capabilities in handling additional gear such as water pouches or MOLLE compatible attachments. Beyond that, it really comes down to personal preferences and previous experiences. Fortunately, there are many excellent bug out bags for sale out there, and will be able to find your ideal match.