## Bug Out Kits Are An Easy Way To Get Started

What is a bug out kit? What are the best things to look for when shopping for a kit, and where do you find bug out kits for sale? These are all really good questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them for you. A bug out kit is a premade [% link text="bug out bag" slug="bug-out-bag" %]. They call it bug out because, it is designed to simply grab and go. In fact that is the first thing that you need to look for in a good kit, the ability to just pick it up and leave. You shouldn’t have to wonder if you’ve forgotten something important behind. If there is a reason for you to abandon your home in a hurry, and hence need a bug out kit, then you need to feel assured that you have all that you need already packed. This means that your bug out kit will be unique, because you have unique needs. However, there are a lot of things in the basic bug out kit that everyone needs. You can add your own personal things once you have a good basic kit.

[% amz-image asin="B00149VP14" image="ready-america-deluxe-emergency-kit.jpg" text="Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit" %]

There are a lot of places where you can find bug out kits for sale. Let’s take a look at a few that can be found on Amazon. The first one is called an [% amz-text asin="B00149VP14" text="Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit" %]. Each kit includes 4 water boxes, food supply, 4 emergency ponchos, 4 survival blankets, 4 12-hour lightsticks, 4 pair nitrile gloves,4 NIOSH N-95 dust masks, pocket tissues, emergency whistle, leather gloves, Multi-Tool, 10yds. Duct Tape, 4 pair goggles, 3 bio-hazard bags, pre-moistened towlettes, emergency communication plan/contacts, first aid kit that has 107 pieces, Emergency power station 4-function (flashlight, AM/FM radio, siren, cell phone charger) and a backpack. I think that you will find the kit is a good start, and better than nothing.  If you find yourself in an emergency where there are some basic government services than this kit will probably get you through.

[% amz-image asin="B00DG8FHAG" image="disaster-preparedness-kit-featured.jpg" text="Disaster Preparedness Kit" %]

Next we have something called a [% amz-text asin="B00DG8FHAG" text="Disaster Preparedness Kit" %]. This one comes with quite a bit less than the last bag, but in having less, it is lighter and smaller. It has food bars, purified water, a bright yellow poncho, an emergency blanket, a radio, whistle and 2-12 hour light sticks. We all know where the poncho is going, but the rest of it is a good start on a decent bug out bag.

[% amz-image asin="B008ABWZ72" image="72-hour-emergency-survival-bug-out-bag.jpg" text="72 Hour Emergency Survival Bug out Bag" %]

Finally we’ll look at the [% amz-text asin="B008ABWZ72" text="72 Hour Emergency Survival Bug Out Bag" %]. This one uses a Fox Tactical Field Operator’s Action Pack and has MRE’s, an SOS food lab, high calorie food bars, drinking water, a flash light, a bright yellow poncho, emergency blanket, waterproof matches, magnesium fire starter, work gloves and filter masks. This one also mentions some random 72 hour deadline. This indicates that although it sounds like there is a lot of stuff in this bag, it is in a limited quantity.

The first bag is the only one that had a decent medical kit. The other two had the equivalent of a couple of bandages and an aspirin. I cannot stress enough just how important a proper medical kit is to a bug out bag. I don’t like over packing purified water. This is why you should know your area. Find water and purify your own.

All three of these **bug out kits** would make good starter bug out bags. It kind of depends upon what you personally want in your kit. You could be just fine with hauling camp stoves, but you should dump the bright orange tent and go with something in green or brown. Just pack so that you don’t leave anything important behind, and don’t plan on everything being peachy in 72 hours. Remember the basics, food and shelter, fire and water, everything else can wait.

## What To Look For

First off make sure the bag is sturdy and easy to carry and conceal if necessary, while these kits normally come with a bag, you can always upgrade to a [% link text="SOC Bugout Bag" slug="soc-bug-out-bags" %], or check out some of these [% link text="Bug Out Bags For Sale" slug="bug-out-bags-for-sale" %]. A bright red or orange bag sounds good, but they are really impractical. They do make bug out kits that are contained in large high impact plastic suitcase style boxes. These are really wonderful to have if you can keep one in a bug out vehicle, like a four-wheel drive vehicle. But, the bottom line is not how big or flashy your kit is, the bottom line is how useful it will be in keeping you alive.

You will need a change of clothing, sturdy clothing, something like a set of Military grade camouflage pants and top. Get a real medical kit with multiple rolls of bandage wraps, gauze packages, blood clotting agent, iodine, scissors, a needle and sterile thread and any medications that are prescribed to you. The easiest way to determine all of the medical supplies you will need is to simply purchase a combat medical kit from your local Army surplus store. Your medical kit is probably one of the most important, and most easily neglected items in your pack. You can always check [% link text="Essential Bug Out Bag Items" slug="essential-bug-out-bag-items" %] for more suggestions.

For basic fire starting your kit will contain a refillable lighter, new wicks and flints and ample fuel for it. [Disposable lighters](http://www.survivalistboards.com/showthread.php?t=126920) are an inexpensive and viable option to keep in mind. Your kit should also contain a striking flint and steel, in case you lose the lighter. For cutting wood you need a hatchet or a similar tool. They make tools now that have a saw and a hatchet on the same handle. These are very handy and are generally a bit lighter than traditional hatchets. You will also need a shovel, a knife or several of them, a sharpening tool or stone, and make sure that you do get a saw, either by itself or attached to another tool. Heavy duty parachute cord is always handy, a compass is a must, and a multi-tool of some kind like a Leatherman can be invaluable.

Your survival kit will include a radio of some kind that is either battery powered, or better yet, the kind of radio that you wind up. This is not for entertainment, but for information. Your kit will also include a   [whistle](http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004UA66KO/?tag=signalsurvival-20). You never know when you will need to get someone’s attention, or scare something away with a shrill unfamiliar sound.

Next you will need flashlights and other lighting, both the battery powered kind, and the kind that you crank up. Both are useful. Remember to get rechargeable batteries, and get a solar power supply kit that will recharge those batteries for you. You also need a water filtration system. They make full systems, or pills that you just put in the water. Get a map of your area and become familiar with it, and put it in your pack.

Finally you need quick food. MRE’s are the easiest foods to carry. They pack a lot of calories into a small sealed package, and they are good for about 30 years or more. This makes them the most logical choice for carrying the weight. Energy bars are also good. But, don’t over pack, plan on hunting after a time.

These are the basics of a good bug out kit. They cover fire starting, wood gathering, and shelter making equipment, as well as basic medical, lighting and communication equipment. Notice that it did not include a tent. It can be added to a kit if you want to pack it. A tent choice will not include bright colors or huge bulky items. Remember that this is not for camping out, this is for survival. Do not pack a tent for comfort.

One last thought, if you are packing things into a vehicle, I don’t suggest that you rely too heavily upon that vehicle. Make sure that you pack a single bag that will take care of your own needs, if for some reason you needed to abandon the vehicle.